Last Post Of Grade7

Hello fellow bloggers, today will be the last post I will be doing. Over the past blogs I have done I have learned to get out there and try to

Last Blog Week #10

Hello bloggers this is the last blog of the blogging challenge I will do until September or October of 2016 which is the start of the new school year. This

2nd Last Week! #9

Hello bloggers today I will be talking to you about a global issue I would like to solve. I will be doing nuclear weapons because who doesn’t like to read

Week 8

Hello bloggers today I will be commenting on interesting posts from other bloggers. To participate in this challenge first you have to go to a persons blog, then you click

Week 7

Hello bloggers today I will be talking about working then playing. The activities I will be doing are activity 1, 4, and 5. Number one is I research board games

Week 6

Hello everyone today I will be doing week 6 of the blogging challenge which is Our food and culture. The activity that I am doing is all of them which

Week 5

Hello Bloggers this week I will be creating a sentence using only pictures I have no idea how this is going to work so yeah.Also I will be putting the

Week 4

This week I am going to tell you about some tourist attractions in Canada.Hope you enjoy or learn some new places in Canada that you didn’t know before. The first

Week 3

Hello bloggers this week I will be doing my own post because this week is about free choice which is really cool because normally we aren’t given this much freedom

Week 2

Hello bloggers this week I will be doing the activity three of week two which is create a post,make a video, or create a poster describing commenting.I decided to make

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